Santa Rosa Beach Photographer | Why Display Family Portraits

At Melonie Marie Photography, our goal is to create stunning home decor for you of your loved ones. Children in homes where family portraits are printed and displayed are more likely to have better self-esteem and confidence.

While we frequently photograph family portrait sessions on the beaches of 30A, we also love photographing families at one of the local gardens and especially at their homes or vacation rental. For this family photo session in Santa Rosa Beach, we teamed up with Emerald Epicurean boutique rentals, who organized this beautiful furniture and stunning props for a backyard boho set design.

Decorate your home with your loved ones! As parents, we take hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of our kids each year. I’m a true believer that memories are too precious to live on computers. Hard drives fail and pictures can get lost so it's best to have the tangible photo right in front of you. Every three months, I go through thousands of our photos to print a few for display, I recommend you do this also.


For every parent (even myself) I recommend photos as home decor. Every family should have a couple large collections of photos throughout the house, smaller prints displayed everywhere, as well as heirloom albums and image folios alongside the framed photos.

These physical images really are a gift because it helps us remember how much we are loved, and it reminds us how blessed we are to have each other. There are times when all of us have had a bad day and seeing a photo of our family laughing and hugging each other resets our minds and helps us to remember what is most important.

Boost Self-Esteen: It is a proved fact that children have a boost of confidence and self-esteem when parents display a lot of photographs of them around the home. When family and children portraits are displayed in a home, children will understand that you value them, find them to be beautiful, and want to see them each day.

The memory is worth it: We all understand the hectic pace of the modern family life and believe it or not, we can forget what kids looked like only a year earlier. Printed photographs not only give us a glimpse into the past, but they can also bring us back to the moment in an instant. Remember how proud you felt the first time you held your baby in your arms, or how about that first time they rode their bike? Photos bring you back to those feelings when the photos were made.

Don't let them be forgotten: How often have you scrolled through your phone’s photo roll or looked at the folders full of images on your hard drive? Hard drives can, and will, fail and images could be forever lost. Why lose out on the opportunity to put all of those smiling faces on your walls? You have the opportunity to decorate your home with love and show off just how much they mean to you. You have gorgeous artwork just waiting to be displayed.