Prints vs Digitals | 30A Photographer

We offer complimentary digital downloads with all of our wall collections, keep scroling to see why!

The great debate... prints vs digitals! As a photographer specializing in beach portraits on the Gulf Coast, with my masters degree and 20+ years in the industry, I can tell you, we have experienced it ALL! While we have experience film to digital and embraced all the changes along the way, we can honestly say we still pride ourselves on the beautiful home decor we create for our clients. Families, Seniors, Engagements, Weddings, Maternity to Newborn ~ we have clients that are family because we have experienced everyone of these life events with them.

As a mother of 5, I have experienced the joy of each baby bump all the way up to my "baby" graduating from college. And I have printed images of every important milestone proudly displayed in my home. While I am partial to Home Decor, I also understand the importance of digital files.


I personally suggest every client have a digital copy of their images. I have designed home decor collections that allow you the best of both words, beautifully printed and crafted Wall Portraits, Heirloom Albums, Image boxes and all come with complimentary digital files! Let's take a moment to review the benefits (and pitfalls) of printed portraits vs digital files to see why you need both!

Topic #1: Viewability

It might seem obvious, and I know this sounds crazy... but the purpose of photography is to be seen! Family Portraits, senior portraits, any images of our loved ones are meant to be looked at! So the first topic we are going to discuss is the viewability of images.

Printed portraits:

Printed Wall Portraits have the advantage of being easily displayed and viewed everyday in your living room, or any other common areas of the home. A small print on your office desk, a large wall portrait over the living room sofa, a few framed photos on the mantle... when your images ar