Treasure your Photos Every Day

While we all love the concept of digital files, no one has the time to flip though a  digital photo album on a regular basis. And especially not someone who is busy raising a family. That's why I love our custom designed Image Boxes. They allow the best of both worlds, all you digital files plus a stunning physical presence in your homes.

Decorate your home with love.

We offer superior quality home decor products.

The Image Boxes we offer are sourced with the finest print archival materials to last for generations to come!

Image Boxes INCLUDE complimentary digital downloads of ALL Images in your gallery


The perfect presentation box to showcase your PRINTED PROOFS and preserve these memories for a lifetime.


Images Boxes are handcrafted wood construction, and come standard with a magnetic closure. The cover can be your personalized image on Standard or Metallic Photo Paper. Image Boxes have the option of a photo panel on the inside cover. Matte and Lustre laminate are available for photo cover.

Image boxes are available in three print sizes and come with 50 printed proofs:



8x10, 5x7 and 4x6

 > includes ALL IMAGE digital downloads <

family photographer on 30a

treasure the memories

We are all immersed in the digital age, especially when it comes to pictures. We are constantly sharing photos digitally – from professional shots to over-filtered selfies, it doesn't matter – my point is that we're taking more pictures than ever and sharing them on social media to only see them again in 3 years when they show up on a memory.

As it turns out, we have gone into auto-pilot mode and have forgotten the importance of a printed image.

Bring your memories to LIFE! it's true, when you hold a physical print, it will enhance your memory and happy feelings of that moment!


printed photos bring memories back to life

Why are printed proofs from your session so important? Because it brings your memories back to life!

This is really very true. When you're holding an image in your hand you just feel a sense of pinching the memory between your fingers ever so carefully – it makes one mindful of what they're holding and what the photograph means.

As a photo captures a single moment in time, and this moment in time is very special, you want something to show for it – not just a digital image floating around on your various electronic devices.

Get it printed and notice the difference in satisfaction emerge.

30a portraits

Happy Memories uplift you

Reminiscing of vacation memories at the beach, or your favorite, location will uplift your mood. Humans are sensory creates. Our moods can change based on things we hear, see, smell, taste, touch or feel. Photographs can affect our emotions in a positive way. Images displayed in your home can trigger positive memories.


starting at $1500

ALL Gallery Image Downloads +

(1) Heirloom Album or (1) Image box

The Legacy Portrait Session at Melonie Marie Photography is for those looking for the best of the best in both customer service and image quality for their printed memories!

Legacy portrait sessions include not only ALL of your image gallery downloads, they also ensure you have a printed copy of these treasured memories.

In today's day and age, we sometimes forgot the amazing feelings of joy we get when holding an actual printed image. Let us get them printed for you!