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Thank your for stopping by my blog and video stories. This is where you will find the adventures that happen behind the photos, sessions glimpses, ways to decorate your home & everything about why our clients come back year after year. Browse around, we have lots of inspiration for your to enjoy.

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Why choose Watersound Beach Club for your Senior Portrait Session | 30A Senior Photographer

As a 30A Senior photographer, I feel Watersound Beach Club is a great location for senior portraits because it is a stunning natural setting, with beautiful white sand beaches, emerald green waters, palm trees and dramatic dunes. The scenery provides an ideal backdrop for pictures that evoke serenity and a sense of timeless beauty. Additionally, there is a wide variety of beach settings, from quiet coves and sun-drenched shorelines to Boardwalk paths and rustic cranes. Watersound Beach Club offers a unique and memorable setting that will make your senior portrait experience stand out from the rest.

Why a white baby doll dress is prefect for your beach sunset senior photos at Watersound Beach club...

A white baby doll dress is perfect for your sunset beach Senior photo session because of its light, airy design that looks beautiful in the sunlight. The light fabric of the dress will move gracefully with the wind, creating a very delicate and romantic effect.

The dress has a vintage feel that pairs perfectly with the other elements of a sunset beach setting, such as sand, sea, and sky. The ruffles and layers of the dress also add detail to the photos, creating a stunning and highly memorable display.

When is the best time to schedule your senior session at Watersound beach club?

Typically, the best days to schedule your senior portrait session at Watersound Beach Club with Melonie Marie Photography would be on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, when the beach club is less crowded.

Should I do my senior photo session at sunrise or sunset?

It really depends on your personal preference and the look you’re going for. A sunrise session will bring out warmer tones, gold and pink hues, and create a soft backlight which can be incredibly romantic. On the other hand, a sunset session will provide a much cooler environment and atmosphere with beautiful oranges and blues while creating a stunning silhouette and a more dramatic style of photos. Look into the times of each of these and the quality of light, and make your decision from there.

Why choose Melonie Marie Photography for your 30A Senior Portraits?

Senior clients enjoy my fun personality during a photo session because it helps them to relax and feel at ease. It also helps them to create a fun atmosphere that captures genuine and candid moments. By creating a comfortable and relaxed environment, I am setting the stage for creating beautiful and meaningful photographs.

It's more than a click of a camera, its about capturing true authentic smiles and memories!

Contact Melonie Marie Photography to book your Senior Portrait session. 850-460-4437 or fill out the connection form here and we will circle back with you within 24 hours.


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It was such an honor to photograph this beautiful ginger for her Senior Portrait Session. Wishing you the best at Bama miss Ellie!

Melonie Marie Photography ~ (850) 460-4437

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