What to wear | Panama City Beach Family Portraits

Are you wondering what to wear for your family portrait session on the beach in Panama City? Book your session with a professional and get a personal style curator to help you shop and plan for that picture perfect wardrobe for your and your family.

The number one question I receive from my clients... is what to wear. Choosing your wardrobe for your family session should not be stressful - let's make it a fun adventure! After 20+ year of photographing families professionally and my passion for fashion, I've put together some great tips for you! Check them out: Tips and trick for your photo session!

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Remember to choose outfits that are simple and comfortable for the kiddos. Simple clothing is usually best (but not always-so don't be afraid to break the rules). Avoid logos on shirts or any writing that may be distracting. Stay with solid colors as patterns tend to clash or distract from the main subject of the image... you!