What if it Rains? Family Beach Portraits


I know rain is a big worry when it comes to beach sessions. Please don't stress too much on it.

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Just because it's raining at 11am on our shoot day does not mean it will be raining that evening at shoot time. Many times we get afternoon sprinkles & then beautiful sunsets. Rain moves very quickly on the beach. I watch the radar's ALL THE TIME!!!!

This was a Sunrise Family Photo session in Destin, Fl at the Sandpiper Condos in the middle of June. The hot temps bring in some amazing storms and with those storms... comes these amazing skies (these are real folks). #sandpiper #family

MAJORITY of time the rain comes in from the gulf, will rain for 10-15 minutes & then move inland a few miles. I can not tell you how many times we have been standing on the beach where it is beautiful & then turn around to see nasty storm clouds inland.

This session is a perfect example of why I love the rain and don't stress over it! When we woke up for this sunrise session it was storming terribly. By 9:00am there was a small break in the rain so we rushed down to the beach and grabbed these amazing images before it started back up.

Check out the beauty created for the two brave souls that stayed behind for an extra 2 minutes and got rained on. These are some of my most favorite images!

When to schedule your beach session?

I suggest booking your beach session earlier in your vacation for a couple of reasons....

  1. It allows for multiple back up dates in the case of rain or an emergency.

  2. To avoid sunburns, tan lines & accidents. It's a lot easier to add some warmth & make you look sun kissed than it is to fix those weird tan lines & red sunburns. And I do charge an extra editing fee to fix those things.

  3. Every week I leave a couple time slots open to allow for sessions to be rescheduled before you leave town, just in case we happen to need them.

If it looks like it is going to rain during our session time I will be in contact. We could wait to see what it does, we could move the shooting time up to avoid the rain (We get some of the BEST sunrises and sunsets when there are storms in the area) OR we can reschedule if time allows. I will be in touch on the day of to discuss options.