Vybz Tryb | Shelby | Downton Indy #317shooters

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I had the opportunity for a Destination photo session with one of my Vybz Tryb team members, Shelby! I had been looking forward to this session for several reasons...

  1. She is just Astonishing!

  2. I love getting to photograph in new locations, love some of these spots we found in

  3. I knew my son, Hunter, would have to tag along - so I was able to "torture" him with a few pics - Yay - mom win!

  4. Shelby agreed to wear ANY - YES, ANY - outfits I choose from the Vybz Style Closet photographer win! This is what I Live for!! I love to play dress up and show off the best, fun and stunning looks to compliment the amazingness of you!

  5. Let me say.... five, is the most important reason.... Not only did I get to eat at Chick-Fil-A, I got to introduce this little slice of heaven to Shelby! And yes, she is hooked! Love every chance I get to travel south and get this deliciousness!

Vybz Style Closet

Outfit Number 1: Black/white Check Jumpsuit (fits: small-large) paired with Bell Flair Black 3/4 length jacket (fits: small-large). Accessories included pearls and black #speakeasy hat. All *sanitized/cleaned items listed above are available for use with your VYBZ TRYB Senior Portrait Session.

#seniorgirl #whattowear