Sunrise vs sunset photography sessions in 30A Florida

Why choose a sunrise photo session vs a sunset session, and vice versa.

30a Photographer
sunrise vs sunset photo session

As a photographer on 30A, I love both the sunrises and the sunsets over Florida's beautiful Emerald Coast. Here on 30A, the sun is bright and very hot starting at 1 hour after the sunrise until about 45 minutes before the sunset. At Melonie Marie Photography, we work our sessions into the times where I know the gorgeous Florida sunshine will be working with you, not against you! I want you to not only look your best, but also love how we capture the atmosphere and beauty of this amazing place.

This is why, at Melonie Marie Photography, we only schedule PORTRAIT photo sessions to take place twice per day - at sunrise and sunset. While we do offer LIFESTYLE sessions at mid-morning, we know that the best light for portraits is at sunrise or sunset. Sunrise and sunset session times offer the best light as it is soft and flattering.

As I stated before, I love BOTH the sunrise and the sunset! Both will provide jaw dropping images. So instead I will focus on the pros vs cons of sunrise vs sunset portrait session on 30A.

Sunrise Photography Sessions on 30A


  • NO CROWDS! Expect a fairly empty beach! The beaches of 30A are usually busy at sunset, sunrise provides empty beaches so there are less distractions.