Rosemary Beach 30a Maternity Portraits | Sunset

Why is 30A so popular? The sunsets along 30A are for the person that wants everything! Maternity portraits in Rosemary Beach durning the golden sunset hour are breathtaking. For information on #maternity #goldenhour pricing, please click here. Serving Fort Walton, Navarre, Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Watercolor, Panama City Beach and everywhere in between. Book your portrait session with Melonie Marie Photography.

What to Wear -SHOP NOW


Show Off that Baby bump! Here's 5 tips for Maternity wardrobe choices #wtwmaternity:

  • Show it off! Don't ever Feel like You Have To Hide Your Baby Bump-show it off!

  • If you have a small baby bump... Embrace stripes or colors - these items emphasize curves and bumps.

  • Wear several layers for comfort. Start with short sleeves and add sweaters, scarfs, etc. You can layer yourself for comfort.

  • Avoid Synthetic articles of clothing as these are not breathable and will cause discomfort.

  • "Comfy clothes" - wear clothes that will give and stretch with you as you move... and even continue to grow.

BONUS TIP: Invest In A Good Pair Of Maternity Jeans - yes, you WILL want at least one good pair! This is the one item that most moms hate investing in, but trust me, as the belly grows, you will find comfort and happiness throwing on a good fitting pair of jeans that make you fe