Professional Lab vs Consumer Prints | Is there really a difference?

While many people decide based on price, the reality is this: Professional print labs can't be beat!

This is why we offer complimentary digital files with our Home Decor Products.

When it comes time for printing your images, most people tend to look for the quickest and cheapest way to accomplish this. A quick google search will give tons of options and then just click whichever prints are on sale. However, when we consider the reasons for printing home decor, the answer rarely comes back "because it was cheap and easy"...

We print home decor to keep and pass down to help tell our story for years, even generations, to come.

While one would automatically expect prints from a professional portrait lab to be more expensive, the cost is not as prohibitive as one might think. Sure, you can purchase the digital files and print them yourself, but you are still investing a lot of money on those digital files, and then you have the task and time involved with designing, uploading, sizing, etc.

Invest in our Home Decor products and not only will you receive Professional Archival Products, we will also take care of all designing and ordering needs for you. PLUS you get complimentary digital files to share on social media or keep on your phone.

How much is your time worth?

In reality, after the purchase of the digital files plus the time and costs involved to order yourself, it truly is more beneficial to invest in professionally printed home decor. Why did you hire a professional photographer vs setting up your phone on a rock and taking your family photos? The answer is simple... Quality as well as Customer Service!

Customer Service: We are going to be there for you. We will help design Wall Collections, albums, and folios

that will look amazing in your home, from choosing the best wall portrait s