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Posing tips for your portrait session | Destin Family & Senior Photographer

Looking natural, relaxed, and comfortable is the key to great portraits. But how do you achieve that look? For some reason, everyone seems to feel awkward at first when they hire a professional photographer for their portraits. It is my job to help you feel at ease so we can create stunning images for you and your family. Keep reading on for some posing tips and tricks for your portrait session with Melonie Marie Photography.

What to do with your hands? This is probably the number one question asked when posing for portraits. A few tips to remember about the hands...

  1. Keep the fingers extended. When you curl your fingers into your palm, your fingers will look cut off at the knuckles. So keep your fingers extended .

  2. If it bends.. bend it! I love this rule and apply it to many areas (arms, legs, etc). For the fingers, it is best to keep them extended and at a natural bend.

  3. Accessories! This is my favorite tip, an easy way to find what to do with your hands is to give them something to hold! Hats, Sunglasses, Jewelry, Purses, etc. The options are endless! #accessories

Pink Sunglasses! #vybztryb model, Miss M, does a fantastic job in the image above modeling both the sunglasses and the fur jacket. Keeping items in both hands and holding them at different angles will create leading lines that will draw attention to your face. #sunglasses


Posing Trick:

In the below image, you will notice that her wrist/hand at her waist line is twisted to expose all 4 knuckles of her hand to the camera. For a more feminine pose, simply turn your thumb towards your stomach and have your pinky finger facing the camera. This creates a more elegant pose for female poses and will also elongate the fingers instead of creating the "chopped off" finger look.


Last but not least

Demonstrating the inside (or inner) part of the hand straight on is unflattering in photography. To make the hand appear elegant and smaller, turn it at an angle to the camera.

When posing, remember that your hands should be visible. Put your hands in your pockets, fingers through belt loops, arms on knee, or crossing them in front of you, just make sure that the photographer sees and captures both of them.!

For our top 25 hand posing tips for both male and female - sign up for our Newsletter below! #hands

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