Miramar Beach Wedding Proposal | Engagement Portraits

Love is in the air! This surprise wedding proposal at Miramar Beach was so exciting! I swear at one point I was more excited than he was! By the time the engagement session was done - these two felt like family! So excited for the both of you!

Chelsea has one of the most spirited personalities I have ever come across! She had everyone on the beach mesmerized - we were all caught up in the joy and happiness of this moment. I asked Chelsea if she would be a "guest blogger" for me and give a little recap from her point of view.... read on!

I knew I was going out to dinner with my boyfriend for our own special night while in Destin with family, and while I knew he had something planned for us, was I in for a treat. After being informed it was a 2 hour wait at the restaurant, I was not the happiest camper. He suggested we go for a walk and so I suggested the beach (which aligned well with his plan), so we headed down the stairs past the restaurant. Upon arriving at the beach, I noticed how cute this spread on the beach was, and was incredibly jealous of their picnic or so it seemed.

Upon suggestion