Henderson Beach, Destin Fl | Family Portraits Posing Tips

Lifestyle Beach Photo sessions in Destin are a great way to capture memories of you and your loved ones interacting and enjoying life with each other. To help you feel at ease and prepare you for the adventure you are about to embark on, please check out a few of these posing tips that you can try out with your family. This family had lots of laughs during their sunset family portrait session at Henderson Beach State Park in Destin, Florida.

Ever feel like when you search the internet for “family posing” and you find perfect photos of smiling families in immaculate outfits. The planning of a family portrait session at the beach is often far less magical—and sometimes you may feel overwhelmed!

Know this, when it comes to family portraits... ALL parents are high-strung; children are all starved and nap-deprived; someone's button is going to be missing; and of course, the family dog will not stop turning his tush to the camera.

Does this sound like your worst fear? Don't Worry, I'm here to help!

Believe it or not - the best beach family portraits are not posed at all, in fact, these beautiful poses are recreations of real-life interactions - all you need to know how to do is Stroll, Sit and Stand! It's pretty easy once you get the concept.

#1 Stroll Poses: These are a great option for both small and large families as they allow you to interact with your family and we can capture the wind in your hair the laughter with kids and even grand-parents alike.

  • Tip: Hold hands as you walk so that everyone keeps same pace when walking and have everyone look in the same direction (ie: at coastline or even the trouble maker in the family) wink wink.

  • Tip: The run ahead pose is an excellent option for mobile kids. While mom and dad walk slowly, have the kiddos hold hands and skip ahead of you. This creates a great depth of field in images and allows focus to be on just the kids.

#2 Stand Poses: Standing poses are the perfect after have been strolling around and they happen naturally. Why? Because the kids are excited and happy from strolling and it takes only seconds to say, “Now stop right there and smile real quick!” It does't feel posed and it's a nice relaxed look.

  • Tip: Have the kiddos run around you and then run in for a big group family hug!

  • Tip: Hugs and kisses. I love the connection between this pose offers! Encourage kiddos to kiss mom or dad check, and vice versa.

#3 Sitting Poses: These are my favorite as you can snuggle up to your little ones and be on the same level as them. Parents can sit while little ones play and interact.

  • Tip: The beach is sandy - I know, big surprise. I highly suggest bringing Baby Powder with you, baby powder is a great tool in removing sand from your legs and arms. Check out our #beachboho set up below if you are interested in having rugs, pillows and beach seats for your family session!

  • Tip: Bring a full change of clothes (or at the very least, pants/shorts). My favorites images are ones where the feet are on the wet shoreline - but this does get your clothes wet - especially your bottom half, feel free to bring a change of clothes for after the session Bring a towel if you plan to get wet! Even if you don't plan to get wet - bring one anyways, you would be surprised how many families I talk into splashing in the water!