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Fall sunset at Santa Rosa Beach makes for the perfect setting for your family photography session. Nicole and the girls came to visit and decided it was a perfect time for Fall beach family portraits. However, fall brings in cooler temps so we had to go shopping for some wardrobe items that would be perfect for pictures at the beach and accommodate for the cool temps. We have some great ideas for what to wear for your family portrait session!

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The golden hour sunsets of fall are beautiful... and very cool! Think layers, long sleeves, jeans and sweaters!

One of my favorite boutiques to find fabulous outfits for fall family portraits is Altard State and their sister store, Arula. We got mom and both girls these great fall color options for their sunset session.

Family fall portraits on the beach are a great time to capture the fun and love between family members while on vacation. Don't go home with just a t-shirt souvenir, instead hire a professional to document this special occasion and record it for a lifetime!

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