Dress for Success | 30A Family Portraits | What To Wear for your Photo Session


5 Tips for choosing Wardrobe for your Beach Family Photo Session

As soon as you schedule your 30A Beach Vacation, the very next step is to plan your Family Photo Session. We photograph over 100 sunrise/sunset beach sessions each year and the number one question asked is... What should we wear for our family beach photo session. Every family member has a different idea on what they want to wear, planning wardrobe for multiple family member or even an extended family session can be a daunting task.

That's where I come in!

While I love the feel of my Nikon camera in my hands and to hear that shutter click when I capture that perfect moment, I also love to help families achieve a luxurious and timeless portrait that they will cherish for a lifetime and pass down from generation to generation.

After booking your photo session with Melonie Marie Photography, we will schedule a personal consult with you to discuss your photo style preferences (ie: formal, classic, casual). After we determine your photo style, we can then start planning wardrobe options for each family member. To get you started on the process, keep scrolling to view 5 tips to dressing for success in your beach family portrait session.

Tip #1: Coordinate—but don’t be matchy/matchy

In a family photo session, let the matriarch of the family choose her/his outfit first, then make sure your outfits complement not only theirs, but one another’s. Choose a consistent color palette (which does not mean the same color). If someone is wearing a bold pattern, dress the rest of the group in more solids, but be sure each carries one or more colors from the “star” outfit for consistency.

Tip #2: Accessorize!

Jewelry, scarves, hats, bows, bands…it all adds a fun twist to an otherwise “standard” look. Accessories are also a great way to keep hair in place as the beach is always windy. For example, if Mom is wearing a bright pattern with lavender, pink and gray, little sis can rock a a pink headband while Dad can choose a lavender button down and big brother with a gray belt.

Rule #3: Try for Texture

Layers and textures and can really add depth to your photos. Look for clothes and accessories with rich, simple detailing—lace, ruffles, ribb