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Thank your for stopping by my blog and video stories. This is where you will find the adventures that happen behind the photos, sessions glimpses, ways to decorate your home & everything about why our clients come back year after year. Browse around, we have lots of inspiration for your to enjoy.

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Destin Photographer | Q Family Photographer in Destin

Looking for things to do in Destin Florida with your family? How about a family photography session. Go home with the best souvenir ever - memories of your family vacation. Serving Florida's Emerald Coast, Melonie Marie is a Destin Photograper specializing in family portraits.

Family photography sessions are so much fun. Create portraits you and your children will treasure for years to come. A family photography session on the beach is just another way for you and your family to spend time together. The adventure awaits!

Here's a list of my top "tips" for your family photo session! #planning

Tip #1: Prepare the kiddos (and the men folk)

Tell the children about the session and have them help with brainstorming some posing ideas. See if they want to pose on Daddy's shoulders, or dance with mommy. Talk about some ideas and let them know it about having fun!

Tip #2: Don't come hangry

This is the quickest way to get kids (and even mom) in a bad mood. Be sure to make sure EVERYONE has had a good meal before the session.

Tip #3: Bring Snacks

Brings snacks that are quick and easy and won't stain hands, teeth or clothing. Some great examples are cheese cubes, smarties, grapes, etc. Stay away from chocolate or lollipops.

Bonus tip: Dads like beer! Feel free to bring along (in moderation) if it will help dad.

Tip #4: Bring an extra outfit

Bring an extra outfit in the same color tones. This will help just in case there are any wardrobe issues. Plus, this gives you something to change into AFTER the session. We love to play in sand and splash in the water. That extra outfit comes in handy for the ride/walk home. Toddlers love to play, but they hate feeling uncomfortable after.

Tip #5: Enjoy your time together

Your family photo session is a great way to spend time together. Make memories that everyone will talk about for years to come. Is there something you love to do together? Blow bubbles, play patty-cake, jump in the water, follow the leader, or put your dancing shoes on. Grab your spouse and dance on the beach!

The Q Family definitely made some memories at their family photography session in Destin Florida. What can we create for you and your family? Let's Chat!

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