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Choosing a great location is one of the most important pieces when setting up your senior photo shoot. The backdrop (style/setting) you select will set the stage for the photo session and will be an essential piece of every shot, pose and, ultimately, the finished product. We recommend picking several locations that are special to you, either a spot you love, somewhere you frequent or a place that best represents your personality. While 30A is most popular for it's beach locations, it also offers some of the most beautiful gardens and unique settings for your senior portraits.

One of my favorite ideas for a senior photo session is to photograph right at your home, in the backyard or at a favorite spot on your property. Choosing to photograph at your vacation rental offers a VERY UNIQUE location idea for senior portraits as every vacation rental is decorated different and has something creative to offer as a backdrop.

What may seem like everyday home decor to you, becomes a blank canvas for photographers like me who love to think outside the box when it comes to senior portraits. While many opt for a traditional look in their senior photos, I focus on creating a high-fashion, magazine style image for both guys and gals. My goal is to create something epic for each and every senior my camera focuses on.

For this session, our first stop was of course... Miss Lisa's home! Lisa's house was the perfect setting for not just one outfit, but three! And to be honest, we could have photographed several more outfits at this location as the landscaping was just gorgeous.

We narrowed down wardrobe to three very different styles at this spot.

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What are some important things to consider when choosing your senior portrait locations?

First off, always remember that if you are looking for 30A beach portraits, those outfits need to be photographed at either sunrise or about one hour before sunset. When photographing on the beach, we are limited on time as we are looking to capture the stunning colors of the sky during those times of the day. Sunrise sessions will always begin right at day break and sunset session will begin on the beach about 40 minutes before sunset. Please check the sunrise/sunset calendar to check time frames for the date you plan to have your senior photography session.

Just like everyone else, I love hitting the beach at sunrise or sunset for my senior photo sessions on 30A, but I will admit, I absolutely love photographing at some of the more unique 30A locations like Watercolor Gardens and Vintage shopping vybz. These are a great option and can be done mid-moring or late afternoon!

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#streetscape #meadow Senior Portrait Location Ideas

After you have narrowed down the location list, it’s important to think about some key logistics: are there restrooms? Is the distance from the parking to the actual shoot location far? If so, pack comfy shoes for everyone! Will there be places to change outfits, retouch hair and makeup and relax between shots? Will there be crowds nearby—and, if so, are you comfortable shooting in front of others?