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Thank your for stopping by my blog and video stories. This is where you will find the adventures that happen behind the photos, sessions glimpses, ways to decorate your home & everything about why our clients come back year after year. Browse around, we have lots of inspiration for your to enjoy.

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Boys will be boys - Family portraits at Port Crescent Beach, MI

#boywillbeboys .... and let me tell you about these two cuties right here! They are precious to me both professional AND personally (like seriously, Andrea (momma), I will ball my eyeballs out if I don't get to photograph their senior portraits! LOL

I have been photographing Peyton since he was just a few days old, and during his first 12 months, he came in EVERY month!! Yes, every month! We did a huge album for Peyton that included every month of his first year of life.

Next up.... Blake! I have been photographing this free spirit since he was in his momma's belly, and guess what.... she also brought Blake in EVERY month for his first 12 months! Yes folks, this momma brought BOTH her kids to the studio every month for both their first years! For those of you that know her, yeah - she's that awesome!

We are now at Peyton's 12th year of life - yes 12! How did that happen Andrea? I have photographed him every 6 months (sometimes more!). He has been "professionally"photographed by me more than any of my own children - LOL.

Covid took it's tool on getting a session in with these boys so we were a little bit behind, but the wait was worth it - perfect sunset for two young gentlemen!

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#lovethesevybz #familyvybz

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