Teen Style Reps Needed | Destin, 30A, Panama City, Walton County

Ready to feel like a model?

“Am I pretty enough?” “Do I look fat?” “Do I look awkward?”

“Are these going to look good?” "I don't know how to pose myself."

Don't worry beautiful girl - I know what you're thinking. Make no mistake, I see all of your questions and fears. I promise you, have no fear because I’m very good at what I do! I coach you every minute of your photo shoot. You’ll go from feeling awkward too wishing our shoot would never end.

How do I know this, you ask? Because I watch you transform, like every other young woman, right before my eyes. And that my beautiful friend, THAT is why I do what I do.

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What's included as a Vybz Tryb Style Rep? >>> Read on for more info!

I'm so good at what I do... even the guys look like GQ models (if you don't know what GQ means.... than you are very young!) LOL

Seriously, I am known for my ability to work with young men and getting them to feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera for their senior portraits. Let's face it... the boys don't wanna do it at all, so momma, let me take the stress out of it for you! Send me a message and I will show how easy it is to get them excited about it.

What is a VYBZ TRYB Style Rep?

Be a part of the team! Vybz Tryb members are THE FACE of Melonie Marie Photography! Your images will be featured in my marketing campaigns, printed materials, social media adventures, commercials and more!

Be Prepared To Be Famous!