30A Photographer | Senior Model Session | On-location at Austin Music Co in Destin FL

30A Photographer Melonie Marie is at it again creating stunning senior portraits for her clients. Melonie Marie, a Santa Rosa Beach local and 30A photographer, has the proper gear, lighting equipment and permits to photograph on location and capture magazine style images of your high school senior. Melonie had the opportunity to team up with Austin Music Company in Destin FL for this 1970's music inspired model session. Melonie is looking for seniors who are wanting a fashion twist to their senior portraits. Melonie is also looking for new Models who need to update or build a professional modeling portfolio.

I'm always on the hunt for potential models that help promote a positive body image for teens and tweens (and even some of us mommies) of all shapes and sizes. While many don't realize it, ladies with a rectangular shape often feel insure as they don't feel their "curves" are as accentuated as someone with maybe an hourglass shape.

I'm here to debunk that myth!

Continue scrolling to see how you can use fashion to create definition and curves to show off just how stunning the rectangular body shape is.