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30A Florida Photographer and Style Curator

What to Wear for your 30A Family Portrait Beach Session

I know that figuring out What to Wear for your 30A Florida Family Portrait Beach Session can feel overwhelming when you try to plan wardrobe for everyone. This page is meant to not only guide you on choosing the best styles, but also inspire you to be creative, and hopefully, take some of that stress off planning what to wear! Keep in mind that it is not an exact formula nor is it a prescription of what you HAVE to wear.

The most important thing to remember is to keep it clean and simple, relaxed and comfortable. Keep outfits soft, warm and easy – that way, we can focus all of our time on your family and the connection you have with one another.

Get Inspired - click a style below for gallery samples or keep scrolling for fashion tips to help you look slimmer and feel your best for your family portrait session.


body type - why care

I love giving advice on how to dress in a style that can compliment your body type/shape. Many don't realize this, but one of the most important aspects of choosing your wardrobe, is knowing your body type and how to dress for your body type!

Some people really know how to wear clothes. Ever looked at someone and immediately thought, "Boy, she sure is looking good." Regardless of their size, these individuals know what their body shape is and know how to accentuate the positives.

Once you understand your body shape, it's amazing how easy it is to build a wardrobe that you will love to wear. Most don't understand why certain things look great, and some things look blah. It can be hard keep finding new favorites. But once you understand the concepts of wardrobe necklines, sleeves, dress cuts, etc for your body type, the task becomes fun!

While many automatically assume they know their body type, I encourage you to take your body measurements and then compare them do the descriptions of each to see what clothing choices you should be making!

The 4 Body Measurements

  1. The shoulders

  2. The Bust

  3. The Waist

  4. The Hips

The relationship among the numbers will reveal the shape of your frame. It's time to grab your measuring tape and get started!

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