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Do you love fashion and want to stand out from the crowd while on your next trip to 30A, Florida?

Look no further than 30A Fashions with Melonie Marie Photography. 30A, Florida has a skilled and experienced top fashion photographer that will take your fashion style to the next level!

And it's me!!!


As The TOP 30A Fashion Photographer, I have a unique vision that blends traditional and modern photography techniques to create elaborate and exciting fashion photoshoots. With years of experience and a keen eye for style, I will use creative composition, off-lighting, and perspective to bring out the best in each subject. My photography skills and technique are perfect for capturing a stunning shot to capture the individual style of each client.


Featured in both local and national magazine, my fashion portraits will ensure every detail is perfect. The final product will be one that you can use as a personal portfolio

035 - Flying Dress Photo Session.jpg

What is a Fashion Photo Session?

A fashion photo session is an organized shoot with a professional photographer & stylist that is used to create fashion images for marketing or editorial content across various mediums. Typically used in paid partnerships or brand collaborations on Instagram, TikTok, etc. The session can involve different looks, backgrounds, and poses that capture the look and style of a particular designer or clothing line.


Today's micro influencers are perfect for fashion shoots; many brands and campaigns have featured everyday people as models in their fashion campaigns. Ultimately, the shoot should bring together the right elements to create a compelling image that represents the brand or clothing line.