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things to do in 30a florida

30A Florida is know for is beautiful white sandy beaches, excellent food and quaint small towns along HWY 30A. If you are looking for some things to do in 30A, then grab the family, there are plenty of great adventures to choose from. Visit the beaches of 30A to experience the beautiful white sandy shoreline where you can soak up the sun, jump the waves in the water, or even do some off-shore fishing. One of my favorite things to do in 30A with my family is to build a sand castle on the beach.  You can even book a private session and you and your family can spend hours creating an incredible family sand sculpture. All of these activities provide great opportunities for an interactive lifestyle photo session that will create family connection, emotion, laughter and many smiles.

While we love photographing water adventures like boogies boards and more, please remember that the 30A water rip currents are not only strong, but many times dangerous. Please always follow beach flag rules. Sunrise is one of the most beautiful times on the beach and are perfect for a morning stroll or a more private family photo session as the beaches are less crowed at sunrise. Plus you might get to see a dolphin as this is the time of the day they like to play!  There are so many great things to do in 30A, and all along Florida's beautiful green Emerald Coast, you will never run out of ideas.

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30A Photographer

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Are you looking for the first family adventure to book during your 30A Family Vacation visit to 30A Florida? book a family photographer to capture your memories and smiles for a lifetime.

Don't be scammed...

30A Family Photo Session

Melonie Marie Photography offers beach sunrise and sunset family portrait sessions so we ensure we capture the most beautiful golden hour light and colorful skies (click link below). You and your family are worth so much more than just a click of the camera.  Wether it's a beach session or a garden session, hire a professional that will correctly expose both you and the beautiful 30A scenery surrounding you.

What sets us apart from all other 30A Family Portrait Photographers?

We are most known for our QUICK and fun workflow with our family sessions. We understand that there's a lot going on during your 30A vacation and we want to keep it fun and exciting. For this reason, we move quick and we keep the atmosphere fun and upbeat so even the grumpy dads have a great time!

30A Family Photographer
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